Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Time Doesn't Scale

So, here I am needing to mix a new blue glaze. My current blue glaze is lacking a little strength of character. To do this well, I need to get a scale that has .1 gram accuracy so that I can accurately measure the oxides that go into the glazes.

These scales don't come cheap. ...And apparently they take a very long time to come in. I have been waiting for over 10 days now to buy one! Just today, I have been promised that it will be in tomorrow. Here is hoping that this is the case!

Anyway, once I get that mixed I will post some more pictures about what has been happening in the pot production department.

Throw safely...


Get-A-Free-House said...
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goodurs said...

.1 gram accuracy? that's insane. i'm glad to see you're blogging again!


James Seigel said...

Yeah .1 gram is pretty fine. But required for some of the strong oxides. Anyhoo. Anyone know how to get the "get-a-free-house" people from nasty posting to my blog?