Tuesday, April 05, 2005

2 in a row

I think I can officially call it a trend now. I am back in business in the studio. Sorry I don't have any pictures to post at this moment but they are coming.

I was experimenting a little with creating a "bottle" shaped object with threads on top to accept a pump device, like a soap pump dispenser. It seemed to go relatively smoothly. See how it works after firing. I will attempt to throw a couple more as warm up exercises, before digging into my back log of items to make.

Goblets and Bowls seem high on the priority list, although I need some kiln filler items.

Any ideas?


goodurs said...

how about pots for plants?

James Seigel said...

Not that it isn't fun, but you can buy plant pots for so cheap that when people look at the price they would have to pay for one of mine (or any potter's) they kinda cringe :D

goodurs said...

bird baths maybe?

p.s. people are stupid... i'd put money on yours being nicer. that's all i'm sayin'...