Wednesday, February 16, 2005


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One that that I haven't mentioned is the fact that the pottery I now make is thrown with a wheel running on 100% windpower, and fired on 100% windpower. No, I don't have a big wind generator hooked up to the house or anything, but we subscribe to the Enmax "Greenpower" program, where we pay extra to offset our energy use with generated windpower. This province blows, so there is no shortage of windpower :D

The bowl in this picture is of the same gang of bowls as the "Valentine Bowl" but has a fun colour scheme resembling that of the University Karen and I went to. Both of those bowls haven't been sold, and can be viewed if you come and visit us.

Happy Wednesday!


goodurs said...

what's your favourite colour? tricolour!

goodurs said...

p.s. what's the scoop on paying extra to create energy to put back in to the system? tell me more.

James Seigel said...

So you pay a extra money which goes to the wind generating company to essentially pay them the difference as if you were getting power directly from them. They, in theory also get the raw cost + premium.

I am running on fast air my friend!

DDW - Calgary Web Design said...

That's great work. Nice to see things that are hand-made. So much is manufactured these days. Do you have an more extensive portfolio of images somewhere?

James Seigel said...

I will slowly add more pictures over time. I will be doing another couple of firings in the next couple of days, so I will try and add some pictures as I go.

Thanks for the great feedback.